Balance bikes

Balance bikes

My little lion cub absolutely loves his balance bike. He rides it until his legs get tired. I often take advantage of this Love for his bike by taking him on a little bike ride every evening before bed. We go until he cant go anymore.

At first he would just walk without touching his tush to the seat. So we put his seat down to the lowest setting and kept telling him to sit. As soon as he grasped this concept we raised his seat to an appropriate height for his leg length. All these things were a great step to getting him to become for comfortable and confident on his bike. They weren’t as key to his confidence as it was for him to see another peer on the same bike.

I invited his little cub buddy over who also has a Balance bike and the two of them went on a bike ride. It was shocking! My little cub went from a slow walk to running and soon lifting his feet off the floor and balancing while going down hills. That was it. He is now a pro. After 3 short bike rides he is now able to go as fast as he wants and sometimes while I watch him i cant believe he is only two.

Now if he would just stop pulling over to the side of the side walk to pick flowers, I might be able to take him on one of my runs.


2 thoughts on “Balance bikes

  1. I have one for Calvin and he really doesn’t understand how to use it, and being far too big for the thing, I can’t show him properly! I’ve been thinking he needs to see somebody small use one, and now I know it for sure!


    1. yes! I have been hosting Balance bike play dates with friends and so far it is working wonders! Do it!! it is so amazing watching them have their own freedom with their friends. just find a big open space or a nice trail and let them go for it!!


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