The Beauty of Mom Friends

I am pretty sure I would go crazy if I did not have friends with children the same age as mine. These friends keep me sane. They help me in so many ways. I would not be as confident of a mom as I am if I did not have them to bounce ideas off of or compare traumatic toddler stories with. I have called them at strange hours of the day to ask opinions on diaper rashes, fevers or even for a last minute baby sitter/play date. Of all the great reasons to have a mom friend, my most favorite thing about fellow toddler survivors is how early they get up. 

I just love breakfast play dates. I get more done before 9 am than most people do in a day. I love being the first one to the park or grocery store or even the first one to line up for the Aquarium. I have noticed that most stores do not open until after morning nap time so being as productive at my errands as I would like to be, is a little hard some days. The best part of having friends with toddlers is that they understand the sacredness of afternoon nap time. They know that after lunch is mommy alone time. Its the time of day when a good book is read or a good Netflix documentary is watched. 

There is a mutual understanding between me and my mommy friends that if you are hosting the play date you provide lunch for the children and the guest brings a snack for the kids and coffee for the moms. Then after lunch the children get loaded in car and driven home where they take their well earned nap and the moms get their alone time. Play date days are my favorite. Family dinners start at 5 and they leave by 7. There is a mutual respect over bed times. 

A great part of these friendships is their non judgement and mutual understanding when your child is throwing a tantrum or has had their 10th time out in the first 30 minutes of your play date. What makes a mom friend so priceless is they are riding in the same boat as you and everyone loves to travel with friends. Especially women. I mean we would rather have a friend accompany us to the washroom or a relaxing coffee is always made better by the good company of a friend.

Mommy friends Rock!! 



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