My Peace-Treaty-Kid-Friendly Garden

My Peace-Treaty-Kid-Friendly Garden

We do a family vegetable Garden in our Backyard. This year will be the second time we have planted a garden. Last year i made notes on how to plant a garden to make them grow better and I wrote the things down that I would do different this year. For example. I will add fertilizer this year and make sure I have really good top soil.

I also took notes on how to keep the pests away. I don’t mean your every day pests that normally attack your garden. I mean those little two legged-bugger-nosed-sticky-fingered little pests that I seem to think are super cute and want to keep around. My attempt at keeping them away is to build them their own garden. In their garden I added some flowers, tall grass, and a strawberry plant. To make their garden even more appealing I added a bunch of mini toy animals. Long story short, THEY LOVE IT!!!

Water Table into a Garden.



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