My experience with Cauliflower Pizza dough

My experience with Cauliflower Pizza dough

Delicious, Delicious, Amazing! Our lions den had this wonderful pizza dough the other night and gave it “rawring” (fantastic) reviews. All except our super picky daddy lion. He is pretty hard to please when it comes to his Picky Pizza appetite. He has a long list of what a pizza should not be and a very short list of what it should be. Veggies being hid inside the crust is obviously not of the “Okay-ed” short list. I found a recipe that had Cauliflower, mozzarella cheese, Parmesan cheese, and olive oil. It was super easy to make and with the normal toppings on it my children had no idea they were eating cauliflower. It was a little heavy on the stomach so it is not worth shoving down that last piece because it just tastes so good. Trust me. Do not do it. But, DO give this pizza dough a try. I found my recipe on Pinterest. There were many to choose from but what made me settle on mine was that it did not require flour.


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