Teething Teaching

I knew my children were going to be opposites when I found out I was having a girl during my second pregnancy. My son is his Fathers Mini Me with my personality. It turns out, I was right. My Daughter is my little mini me and the more we get to know her the more … Continue reading Teething Teaching

Renting For Life

In the last 6+ years, I have moved 10 times. I have either lived with family members, apartment with friends, basement suites with my husband. Now we are moving up in the renting world. We will be renting a house! We are extremely excited to start a new chapter. Renting an older house comes with … Continue reading Renting For Life

"Lenting" it Go.

Early on Tuesday morning I heard my husband shout from upstairs that he needed me to remind him to bring the skillet with him to work that morning. Knowing how forgetful my husband is I packed it up and put it in a bag right in front of our front door with his shoes that … Continue reading "Lenting" it Go.

Building my Village

Yesterday, I ventured out on my perfectly planned grocery shopping trip with my two toddlers in tow. I had my well planned grocery list in hand as I escaped the house with my lion cubs right after morning nap. I knew it would be a good time to go because we would arrive at snack … Continue reading Building my Village

Bandana Bibs (part 2)

So here are some of the bibs I made for my baby yesterday. My amazing sister-in-law let me use her sewing machine and held my child while I worked away on these. The front fabric is cotton, and the backs are either a towel or a flannel cotton receiving blanket. I found the desired size … Continue reading Bandana Bibs (part 2)