Writing your testimony


“I grew up in a Christian home…” is always the first line of every testimony I heard in sunday school or camp. Now that I am 25, Married, a mother, finished College, worked, traveled a bit, and constantly changing my life and following God’s promptings, it is difficult to write my conversion in only a paragraph.

My husband and I are officially becoming members on Sunday at our Church. After attending for almost 3 years, we have decided to listen to God and take a step towards commitment in one Church. Since we got engaged, we always wanted to feel like we have a family outside of our actual blood related families, people to share life with, feel connected with outside of school. We attended and volunteered in all Church we have been apart of. Finally, my husband is completing his last couple weeks of College, and we both felt that it was time to dedicate our son as well as take the commitment of being apart of a community of believers officially.

So why am I writing a post about writing my testimony, well part of the membership is writing a paragraph or two about my conversion and relationship with Christ. I thought it was going to be easy, it was for my husband… I told him yesterday,” hey honey, we need to write out a brief testimony to say during the membership class and it will be in the bulletin as well”, he said ” okay.” literally 5 minutes later, he has a well written and thoughtful paragraph on his conversion and where God is in his life and leading him. BAH, usually we are the opposite,I am able to write as I think, so I am usually done writing papers and other things way faster than him.

So far, every time I write a paragraph, it doesn’t seem good. God has been apart of my life as far as I can remember. I guess my parents gave me great roots in my faith. Anytime a crisis occurred in my life,big or small, I always turned to God for help, or anytime something great happened, I always knew God had his hand in my life. My faith was and is the center of my life, in sports, acting, school, youth,work, friends and family. I seemed to want to tell everyone and anyone who would listen how great God is.  I loved sharing my faith, with my personality, it seemed I was placed in leadership roles quite often.  Even though  my life has not been easy, God has shown me that everything is temporary, accept Him. With this knowledge, I have strived to always be true to who God wants me to be, and to follow his promptings in my life. Whether to go and talk to someone who seems alone, or to ask hard questions to youth or friends. I want to be an honest person, which sometimes makes me more bold than people would want.

I am not sure this post is good to have for a bulletin or a formal testimony, but writing it has made me excited for what God has next for me. You never know what He will do next or who He will place in your life.


– Owl


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