Teething Teaching

I knew my children were going to be opposites when I found out I was having a girl during my second pregnancy. My son is his Fathers Mini Me with my personality. It turns out, I was right. My Daughter is my little mini me and the more we get to know her the more we see her dad. 

In every way possible raising a daughter has been different than raising a son. Her first birthday is around the corner and already we have yet to use a similar parenting technique with her. She approaches life and even growth milestones in a completely different way than her brother. The stages that stick out in my mind right now are No Soother, Sleep Training, Eating, and now, Teething!

Teething has taken over our lives at night. Last night we were all up. Even our two year old. While daddy and I switched off cuddles with crying and tired little lady, the other would lay in our bed with our son. During my turn in bed with little man he asked a question. “Why is baby crying so much?” I explained to him that it hurts when teeth are growing in our mouths and each one of us handles that pain differently. For example. When our son was teething he would maybe whimper a little more at night and might need some Tylenol before bed. He used a soother and would chew on it to help with teething. Since our little lioness does not take a soother we have to try different tricks. So far we are surviving on Tylenol, Advil, Teething Tablets and a lot of prayer. 

While daddy was comforting our daughter I took that opprotunity to teach our son about praying for others when they are hurt. It was 4 in the morning and my little man was reaching towards the heavens adn asking our Healing Father to give his little sister some “rest” and “ouchless sleep”. It brought tears to my eyes. 

As annoying as it is to get up all night long with a teething baby i would not have traded last night for anything. Not even sleep! Not even for a laundry free week or even a month! (maybe for a laundry and dishes free week, that would be amazing!!) Last night we got an opprotunity to share Jesus’ love with our son and our daughter all while practicing what it means to be a servant. We put the needs of our daughter ahead of our own needs and took a moment to teach our son about Gods love and how He Heals. 

God rewarded us without us even asking. Our daughter fell asleep (shortly after our sons prayer) My husband and son fell back asleep(which normally never happens) and we all slept in an hour past the time we normally start our day. 

Teething. Some nights are worse than others. Who knew that God could teach our family through hurting teeth and lack of sleep. My God sure lives out side of any box I try and put Him in. 




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