Card board Box Dreams

Whenever we make a huge purchase of a product that comes in a big box, I always get my husband to try and salvage the box. My imagination starts whirling as I try and come up with new ideas of what to turn the box into.

This week we went to that Local amazing Furniture store where everything is in Swedish and purchased a little bookshelf. Of course, it came in a box. After assembling the bookself on my own I dragged the box into the play room and asked my children what we should do. My son has really been into boats and cars so his first response was a fire truck. If I agreed to this then it would be our 3rd firetruck box. I asked for another idea. Second place request was a Boat.! Yay, I could do a boat. I used my own imagination and turned it into a piarates ship. They had a blast adding the colour to our pirate ship and could not wait to jump in.

The amazing part about this box is, I was able to make dinner and empty the dishwasher all while not be interupted by my 1 and 2 year old. Seems like a miracle right? Well my friends, its the power of imagination and a little cardboard box!




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