"Lenting" it Go.


Early on Tuesday morning I heard my husband shout from upstairs that he needed me to remind him to bring the skillet with him to work that morning. Knowing how forgetful my husband is I packed it up and put it in a bag right in front of our front door with his shoes that had his wallet and keys stuck inside them. It was “Fat Tuesday”, which in his office, means that they make a huge pancake breakfast with sausages and bacon and all the fix-ens. This kind of got me thinking. What things do I get “fat” on? (besides food and lack of exercise). What takes up my time? What do I do instead of the things that I should be doing? It was almost a no-brainer. Like how on a multiple choice test when you know the answer before reading the options. Facebook. I spend way to much time scrolling through articles, statuses, stupid inspirational quotes that are trying to inspire me to get off my computer and do something with my life. Facebook needed to go. Well not permanently because, lets be honest, my friends would miss all my “Lion Cub Quotes” and my wonderful status updates on my opinions and views on life. Facebook was definitely something i could do without for a while. 

Just like the name describes, I fattened up on Tuesday with a Facebook Binge. I even checked it on my phone one last time before deleting the app at 11:53pm. It was At that moment when I realized I was truly addicted. I really went on Facebook a lot. I spent a lot of time not only on it but thinking about it. I would have something funny happen in my life and instantly think about how I could word it to put on my status for that day. How can I get enough “likes” so that it looks like I am popular? 

I would quickly grab my camera and snap pictures of life as it was happening in hopes that I could share it with the people in my life who I rarely see. Seems odd when I stop and think about it. There are people on my Facebook who know more about me than the people I see on a weekly basis. This made me feel a little sick. It also made me feel at peace about deciding to give up Facebook for 40 days. Jesus went into the dessert for 40 days, seeking God and giving up food. He did this in preparation for his death where He saved ME from myself, my sins, my far away relationship with God. He gave up Food. I can give up Facebook. 

My goal is to not just give up Facebook and fill that time with new unnecessary garbage. My Goal it so spend that time furthering my relationship with Him. Praying, Listening, reading, or even serving Him. 

It is now day 2 of no Facebook and I have already missed out on a few “hot topic” statuses according to a few friends and family. I had to be told the story in person. Where is the “Like” button for that? More communication between family where you don’t use the Computer/internet/smartphone as the middle man. I definitely “like” that:) I have noticed that I even have more patience with my children because my time isn’t being wasted on basically doing nothing. My house even got cleaned, by me, Yesterday. It feels good. 

I hope this little bout of truth and honesty can inspire you to change some thing in your life, If only for 38 days. You have not missed the boat. Hope on, I have barely left the shore. 


-lion 🙂


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