Baby Room in a Rental

So here is the finished product of my owlets room! The owners painted the place this beige colour, so I improvised with this colour and picked a Dark Chocolate Brown acrylic paint I found at Michaels, bought a circle sponge and an artist paint brush. My original colour plan was Grey-white walls, with a charcoal arrow … Continue reading Baby Room in a Rental

Fish Tacos

Fish Tacos I made these fish tacos last night for dinner. They were a huge success with every member of my pride:) I am do not eat carbohydrates after lunch so I had mine wrapped in lettuce leafs and it was absolutely amazing. So much flavor and freshness in every bite. My little lion cubs … Continue reading Fish Tacos

Writing your testimony

  “I grew up in a Christian home…” is always the first line of every testimony I heard in sunday school or camp. Now that I am 25, Married, a mother, finished College, worked, traveled a bit, and constantly changing my life and following God’s promptings, it is difficult to write my conversion in only … Continue reading Writing your testimony

Mom Cheats

I have read so many blogs and posts about 30 ways to make being a parent easier. Most I find one or two points to apply in my daily life and the rest i either don’t agree with or just plain ole forget, as soon as I leave the web page. After reading the ideas … Continue reading Mom Cheats