DIY Bath paints

DIY Bath paints

Loved this one!
Home made bath paints were easy to make and they both had so much fun making a complete mess. My sons reaction was “my thinks this is awesome”. I kept hearing him say “so awesome” under his breath as he and his sister created a wonderful piece of art work all over our clean bath tub and wall. I sat there peacefully know that the the main ingredient was soap, and they were really just doing me a favor. This experience also ended in tears as I washed and cleared away their master pieces from our tub and their cute little clean bodies. The tears quickly stopped when I reassured him that I had taken lots of pictures and even a video.

Result: Clean tub, Clean kids, Praise from my 2 year old. This all adds up and will definitely be a repeat in this house.

Score : 9/10 (took a while to clean and prepare so is not as convenient as a normal bath time.)

-Lioness and her squeaky clean lion cubs


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