on your marks, get set, create…

Today I woke up and just knew it was going to be a good day. Its definitely not because its Monday. (I mean who actually likes Mondays). It is not because my youngest finally slept until the sun was actually starting to rise. (although I am sure that helped)  I just knew that something great was going to happen. God does that sometimes in my life. It started when my sister sent me a simple text that got our creative minds going. After about 30 texts back and forth and a few Google searches followed by a whole lot of “!!!” we have started this blog. As mothers, sisters, wives, educators, self entrepreneurs and dreamers we are proud to share our ever growing desires to learn and create. This being our first blog post it really doesn’t have much of a theme. But the goal is to share what new things we have going on in our lives. We want to share the books we have read, the parenting tips we have found helped, the amazing meals we have created, and the projects we have started. The possibilities are endless and I am praying our excitement and joy for life and the things that it brings are contagious.


-Lion (the “mane” part of this blog)


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