Potty Training my lion cub

Potty Training. That was my first eye opener/crash course in what it means to actually be a parent. Before this moment in our families life we were just parents who provided love and care. Discipline, consequences and consistency were really not topics that came up that often. Besides training our children to sleep on their … Continue reading Potty Training my lion cub

DIY Bath paints

Loved this one! Home made bath paints were easy to make and they both had so much fun making a complete mess. My sons reaction was “my thinks this is awesome”. I kept hearing him say “so awesome” under his breath as he and his sister created a wonderful piece of art work all over … Continue reading DIY Bath paints

disco bath night

Our first #thebathexperiment was Glow Sticks! My Son absolutley loved it and I had to spend the first few minutes explaining to him that he needs to share with his little sister. I had 5 of them (came in a pack of 5 for 1 dollar) and he got three and she got two. At … Continue reading disco bath night

Sleep schedule

My little man is transitioning from a 3 hr time schedule to unsure schedule. He definitely doesn’t need as much sleep as before, loves sleeping in the mornings, dislikes in the afternoons and evenings… So I am attempting to keep him awake in between naps in the morning so it is more consistent the rest … Continue reading Sleep schedule

#EmptyShelf Challenge

I will be attempting to do this same challenge Nate Smith is doing. I have been really into reading lately and wanted to challenge myself to read books that will be thought-provoking. Unfortunately, I do not have the funds to buy books, I will be borrowing from the library. Each time I complete a book, … Continue reading #EmptyShelf Challenge